Counting Dead Women: the hard truth about Australia’s domestic violence victims

UTS academic, Jenna Price, as part of the Counting Dead Women campaign researchers sets out to tackle the distorted image of violence and women in the media.

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Humanitarian Scholarship launched

The UTS Humanitarian Scholarship has been established to support undergraduate study for students holding Asylum Seeker Bridging Visas or Temporary Protection Visas.

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Protecting Manguwanku: justice, in the eye of the beholder

The Federal Government and Northern Land Council nominated land in the Northern Territory for nuclear waste disposal.

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Case studies

Undergraduates coming from disadvantaged and Indigenous communities often have a particularly tough time in their first year.

Few of us could imagine being stuck in a foreign country for 26 years without help or support. Yet this is the reality for many refugees around the world, and the number of humanitarian migrants has reached an historic high. A refugee community in West Java, Indonesia, took matters into their own hands to address […]

Working on a remote South Pacific island and having to deal with a wide range of medical challenges on your own can present real challenges to your work as a healthcare professional. In an urgent need to break down this isolation, senior South Pacific health professionals approached UTS in 2004 to become a World Health […]

Destroy The Joint has been reporting the cold hard facts about domestic violence, through its Counting Dead Women campaign.


Mental Health for Supervisors

19 March @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

The impacts of mental ill health in the workplace are increasingly being recognised and understood. This course will help those who supervise staff to understand what is happening for people living with mental ill health, the impact on team members and the work environment, and effective ways of supporting individuals living with mental ill health […]

Wom*n’s Revue: Sealed Section

21 March @ 7:30 pm - 24 March @ 9:30 pm

This March, UTS is holding our inaurugal Wom*n’s Revue!

News from across UTS

Diversity Week 2017

Diversity Week is an annual event that celebrates the diversity of our UTS community.

Non-native English speakers have a voice at UTS too

UTS researchers, supported by the UTS Social Impact grant, explore the lived experiences of NESB research students at UTS.