Student partnership is an ethos, not an activity

Although most universities have student representatives on boards and committees, gather student feedback and run student forums, UTS Law Professor Sally Varnham argues this could be done more effectively and authentically.

True teachers don’t just count their blessings – they share them

We don’t know exactly what jobs of the future will be, but we can be certain that STEM subjects will be vital.


WASH: For her, it's the big issue

Water may seem an unusual topic to start a discussion on gender issues.

Counting Dead Women: the hard truth about Australia’s domestic violence victims

UTS academic, Jenna Price, as part of the Counting Dead Women campaign researchers sets out to tackle the distorted image of violence and women in the media.




Case studies

The UTS Rapido Social team are on a mission to reduce the world’s plastic waste problem, all while lending a helping hand (literally) to kids in need.

While the voices of British explorers and other non-Indigenous people are recorded in a range of historical source material, the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are too often missing.

Picture books feature in most Australian’s childhoods, but they can fail to reflect a range of identities and the different ways that people live in modern Australia.

Nicole Sutton and her team adapted the Giving Games – originally developed as philanthropic education tool by not-for-profit The Life You Can Save – to the university classroom. The activity challenges students to think about decision bias and how it plays out in the real world.


UTS staff: Mental health first aid training

16 December @ 9:30 am - 17 December @ 4:30 pm

This course teaches adults how to provide initial support to people who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.

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News from across UTS

UN harnessing sport for greater good

The UN values sport as a vehicle for improving lives in disadvantaged communities – but it is grass-roots programs rather than mega-events such as the Football World Cup that make the difference.

Non-native English speakers have a voice at UTS too

UTS researchers, supported by the UTS Social Impact grant, explore the lived experiences of NESB research students at UTS.