Counting Dead Women: the hard truth about Australia’s domestic violence victims

UTS academic, Jenna Price, as part of the Counting Dead Women campaign researchers sets out to tackle the distorted image of violence and women in the media.

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Humanitarian Scholarship launched

The UTS Humanitarian Scholarship has been established to support undergraduate study for students holding Asylum Seeker Bridging Visas or Temporary Protection Visas.

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Protecting Manguwanku: justice, in the eye of the beholder

The Federal Government and Northern Land Council nominated land in the Northern Territory for nuclear waste disposal.

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Case studies

Enrolment data suggests that selective schools in NSW are increasingly fostering ethnic and economic inequality.

At first glance, humanitarian refugees are the most unlikely entrepreneurs. They face perhaps the greatest barriers to setting up a business in Australia: they have no financial capital, no social capital, their qualifications are not recognised and they can lack the language skills. Launched in 2013, the Ignite Small Business Start-ups Program has been able […]

Few of us could imagine being stuck in a foreign country for 26 years without help or support. Yet this is the reality for many refugees around the world, and the number of humanitarian migrants has reached an historic high. A refugee community in West Java, Indonesia, took matters into their own hands to address […]

Water may seem an unusual topic to start a discussion on gender issues. It’s not when you consider how much it matters in the lives of women and adolescent girls in the developing world.


Big Thinking Forums

6 January @ 9:00 am - 28 January @ 5:00 pm

The Big Thinking Forums aim to bring together curious thinkers, to solve complex global problems.


19 February @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Short-films exploring issues of cultural and national identity, politics, displacement and diaspora histories in the Chinese and Indian diaspora.

News from across UTS

Diversity Week 2017

Diversity Week is an annual event that celebrates the diversity of our UTS community.

Non-native English speakers have a voice at UTS too

UTS researchers, supported by the UTS Social Impact grant, explore the lived experiences of NESB research students at UTS.