Anti-Slavery Australia is a research, policy and legal centre at the University of Technology Sydney with the mission to abolish human trafficking, organ trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices such as forced labour and forced marriage in Australia. Anti-Slavery Australia provides legal advice and representation to men, women and children who have experienced human trafficking, slavery, slavery-like conditions and forced marriage in Australia.

2017 has been a year of unprecedented momentum in the fight against human trafficking and slavery in Australia. Anti-Slavery Australia has been at the forefront in advocating for action as shown through its submission and evidence to the current Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia. See the Inquiry’s Interim Report (PDF, 348KB).

Additionally, Anti-Slavery Australia’s report ‘Behind the Screen: Online Child Exploitation in Australia’ represents the first report of its kind in Australia on the alarming scope of online child exploitation. The report brings together data and statistics previously unavailable to the public, provides expert commentary drawn from interviews with representatives from leading law enforcement and non-government agencies and draws on primary and secondary research, to provide a comprehensive summary of Australia’s response to the issue of online child exploitation. See Behind the Screen: Online Child Exploitation in Australia (full report) or Behind the Screen: Online Child Exploitation in Australia (summary) for more information.